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Jon Plattner | Director of Sales & Marketing
Minster: (419) 628-3713 | Dayton: (937) 433-8268 | Columbus: (614) 307-2383
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Cotterman & Company is a full service industrial and commercial roofing company. Cotterman excels in new construction, re-roofing, roof repairs and roof maintenance programs. We can handle any projects and the following photos are examples of our wide range of expertise. -Cold storage roofs: In addition to being water tight, cold storage roofs must also be vapor-tight and energy efficient. The roof type, how the roof connects to the walls of the building, insulation material and roof insulation all need to be considered with a cold storage facility. Cotterman’s specializes in the care needed to install and repair a cold storage roof. (see photo 1)

Azek roof pavers: Cotterman installed the Azek roof pavers on this incredible patio pictured in photo 2 which gives the patio a beautiful finished appearance.

New Roofing project: We excel at new construction projects and are able to determine the right strategy to meet the objectives of a different project. See photo 3 which is an example of a new roofing project in downtown Columbus.

Replacement Roof: Every roof has a lifespan and when it’s time to replace a roof our experienced team will perform an evaluation and design a cost-effective roofing solution. (See photo 4)

We have our own in-house metal fabrication shop which enables us to custom fabricate and install any project. See photo 5 for an example of our superior sheet metal work.