Did you know under Ohio law, each school district board of education must have a business advisory council. For the schools in Auglazie and Mercer Counties, the AMBE acts as the business advisory council? ROLES OF A BUSINESS ADVISORY COUNCIL To advise local school districts on changes in the economy and job market and the area in… Read more »

Teachers Are Still Learning

Teacher Tours may have looked a little different this year, but thanks to the support from our AMBE business members we were able to host the teach tours for the fifth straight year. Local teachers had the opportunity to learn about agriculture, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, architecture, engineering, and healthcare.These tours provide teachers an opportunity to… Read more »

Welcome to Mark One Manufacturing

Mark One Manufacturing in Minster, Ohio has recently joined the AMBE. Justin Spillers, from Mark One, participated in this year’s Talent Connection Forum and was impressed with the work AMBE is doing. Mark One specializes in manufacturing and sourcing engineered metal and plastic components, toolings, assemblies, and complete product builds for customers ranging from Fortune… Read more »

Schools Not Out for Teachers – Teacher Tours

For the last three years, AMBE has hosted business tours in the summer for teachers in Mercer and Auglaize counties. These tours allow teachers to learn about and tour local businesses. The purpose of the tour is to provide teachers an opportunity to view work at local businesses, learn what businesses are looking for in employees, as well as education/training… Read more »

Truck Driver Shortage

See the article below.  There’s a mounting driver shortage that’s trying to be addressed.  The legislation being reviewed could open the door for more young people to jump into that gap. For trucking companies in the local area: Younger Trucker Bill