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How AMBE Supports Schools

AMBE is available to support all schools in Auglaize and Mercer counties in developing career exploration programs for students. Through various avenues, AMBE connects local students and local businesses to retain and grow the world-class workforce that keeps our communities strong.

What does AMBE do for schools?

  • Develops programs that expose local students to local career opportunities.
  • Hosts an annual Talent Connection Forum where students connect with local business leaders.
  • Collaborates with curriculum directors and businesses to align school curriculums so students are career-ready after high school.
  • Connects schools and students to local job shadowing and mentoring opportunities.
  • Provides individual career development coaching for students.
  • Provides career exploration resources to students, teachers and parents.
  • Hosts a Summer Teacher Tour to educate teachers on local businesses and local career opportunities.

Talent Connection Forum

Each year AMBE captures the attention of hundreds of high school students via the Talent Connection Forum at Wright State University-Lake Campus. The forum exposes students to career opportunities they may not have known existed locally and allows them to get answers to real-world questions. Students aren’t just learning from their teachers, they are able to gain insight from the business professionals who work, own and operate the businesses.

Summer Teacher Tours

AMBE hosts business tours in the summer for teachers in Mercer and Auglaize counties to learn about local businesses. Teachers can see the work occurring in local businesses, learn what education and training is required, hear what local businesses are looking for in employees and gather a wealth of career information to share with their students.

These tours were excellent! This was some of the best Professional Development I’ve had. It was great to be exposed to these businesses to learn more about our communities and what’s expected of our students.” 

 “I really enjoyed each day and would participate again. More teachers need to be aware of the treasures we have in our two-county area!”

20 Under 20 Awards

Our annual 20 under 20 Awards recognize students, educators and businesses who have worked collaboratively toward career development for those under age 20. This is primarily focused on mentoring, part-time work, job shadowing, internships, co-op programs and other business/education partnerships.