Driving workforce development for a sustainable future.

It all started with strong values and work ethic. Those traits passed down from previous generations are the foundation of our thriving businesses and communities in Mercer and Auglaize counties today. That is why we – a group of business professionals, service group leaders, educators, moms and dads – have come together to form the Auglaize Mercer Business Education Alliance (AMBE). Our mission is to provide programs that connect students to career opportunities in the area. It’s our turn to sustain the future by preparing our students to be the workforce leaders of tomorrow.

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AMBE provides career resources, programs and events that connect students with local business professionals. Students gain hands-on insight into real-world careers. We also help schools align curriculums to match the skillsets our local businesses need today. Together, we want to give students a solid foundation for career success.

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As an AMBE member, you join a growing network of local business and school professionals who are sharing ideas and resources to promote development of a skilled workforce. We are helping align school curriculums to meet the skills we need in employees, while connecting students to our local industries. We are preparing students to be our workforce of the future.

“By supporting and working closely with the local schools, our youth and businesses benefit as the connection is strengthened.”

-Randy Hemmelgarn, Hemmelgarn Benefits, Minster

“We feel the business community needs to step up. We need to have skin in the game. Our people are the best assets we have.”

-Jack Buschur, Buschur Electric, Minster

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How AMBE Can Support You

AMBE helps students become career-ready. We provide individual career path assessments, career exploration coaching and connections to job shadowing and career opportunities. We have resources to help students explore career choices in Mercer and Auglaize counties. We also provide resources to support parents, as they are key in helping their child navigate the career development process.

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