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How AMBE Assists Students in Career Planning

Are you tired of hearing your teachers and parents ask what you want to do after you graduate? Have you found the easy answer to be, “I’m going to go to college.” Well, college costs a lot of money, and if you go without a plan, you will probably end up with a lot of college debt and maybe a degree for a job you don’t really like. AMBE is here to provide resources that help you choose a career path that matches your strengths and personality and to help you gain hands-on experience with different careers before you graduate.

What can AMBE do for me?

Job Shadowing & Career Mentoring

We can help you set up and connect with local business professionals for a job shadow or career mentoring opportunity. See our current list of board members to explore opportunities in our area.

Assessments, Resources & More

We have career resources and tools to help you throughout the entire process, from preparing for an interview to learning more about your personality style and strengths. Why is this important? When choosing your career path, it should align with your strengths and what you like to do.

Individual Coaching

Do you need some help exploring your choices after high school? We offer coaching to students to help them navigate what their next steps should be and to help them explore career choices.

Should I consider a career technical school?

As a student in a Mercer or Auglaize County School, you have the opportunity to attend Tri Star Career Compact during your last two years of high school.

Tri Star is a career compact school that offers high school level classes in a broad range of career areas, from advanced manufacturing to marketing to welding. Going to a vocational school does not mean you can’t also go to college. You’ll still meet the same academic requirements as all other high school students and can pursue post-secondary education.

Through Tri Star, you gain the technical skills employers are looking for today, hands-on training and the academics needed for post-secondary training and education, if you choose to pursue.

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