Summer Educator Tours

Local Educators Spend Their Summer Learning About Local Business

What do our local teachers say about participating in the summer educator tours?

“There is so much going on in the communities around me! I had no idea how many different career opportunities were available in this area! It is wonderful to know about the various opportunities available so I can pass them along to my students! It’s also great to know the wide variety of educational requirements for careers in the area. It is not all about a college degree- which my students will find highly encouraging!

“There are a lot of opportunities for people to have great careers in our area.”

“There is a treasure-trove of businesses in our immediate area…no need to go far away from home to do what you have an interest in.”

What are the Summer Educator Tours?
From ketchup to tents, to manufacturing, to fast food, to electricity, to prisons, to insurance, to entrepreneurs, local teachers spent their summer learning about the businesses in Mercer and Auglaize Counties. This is the fourth year AMBE has hosted summer educator tours. These tours provide teachers an opportunity to view work at local businesses, learn what businesses are looking for in employees, the careers available, as well as education and training expectations.

More than 70 local teachers participated over the six days in June and July. On each day, teachers toured 5 to 6 local businesses.

The businesses participating included:  Hi-Tech Wire, Tru-Edge Grinding, Community Sports & Therapy, Mercer Health, Signature 4, 49 Degrees, Lefeld Welding Supply and Rentals, HA Dorsten, Pax Machine, Midwest Electric, Celina Tent, Tri Star, SecurCom, Mercer Landmark, McDonalds, Crown Equipment Corporation, Auglaize County Sheriff’s Office, Moeller Brew Barn, Pratt Industries, Celina Insurance, Fremont Company, Kinninger Production Welding, and Voisard Tool.